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Šampón - Biela ruža



Číslo produktu: 114
Výrobca: Vital Cosmetics
naša cena bez DPH : 3,83 Eur
naša cena s DPH (20 %):
4,60 Eur

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Midnight Rider,She has a made an excellent point."I don't unetrsdand why (the state) trusts good, responsible people to be able to have their firearm across the street, and as soon as they cross an arbitrary line, they somehow lose all reason and ability to be able to be competent with that responsibility. It makes no sense to me at all."

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Beth, the law was not passed to hurt reataursnts. In fact most claims about the law vis a vis food are simply misinformation. It is Big Pharma that doesn't like this law they fought it every step of the way and it appears they never stopped. The law and the rules that come from it is actually quite reasonable. In most cases it merely requires disclosure of gifts that the industry provides our health care providers. I think it borders on the ridiculous to defend the marketing practices of pharma companies. Transparency is exactly what we need and this law requires it.